WP – Modern


Modern is a new and very popular WordPress theme.



Modern is a new and very popular WordPress theme.

It is an extremely versatile theme that can be used for almost any website and has a strong community of developers supporting it.

This theme is made by WebMan Design Studio, which is one of the largest and most successful sites on the Internet. Oliver Juhas has made several improvements to this theme, the most noticeable being the option to have both portfolio pages and contact us pages. There is also a portfolio tab that displays the latest work from your clients. This theme comes pre-built with categories which include: Real Estate, computers and tech, MySpace, movies and TV, Music and TV, geography, etc. You can add your own categories if you want, and you can even use a custom template if you want.

The most popular part of this theme is definitely the portfolio pages. These pages display the works that your clients have submitted as examples to demonstrate their ability to do business. Most clients won’t provide real content but will just provide their portfolio as a means to demonstrate their work. So with this theme, you will see your client’s portfolio pages made up of just their best work.

This theme also includes a contact us page, which allows your clients to contact you via a customized form, which is made very easy with this theme.